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Comment by Kev on February 27, 2012 at 9:20am

You sexy bastard.

Its that chest.

A full 1% more females than I.

Interestingly you have a significantly higher viewership in 35-44 demographic. mine is 24.9%. the budding Grognard market I like to think of it as. 54.6% are in the 45-54 bracket.

My viewership stats:

The Spanish in 35-44 age bracket are 35% of total Spanish Audience.... and 60% from Poland. Which means that 3 Polish guys whatch my stuff!! LOL.  I think that the 54 and over set click on my vids and then click away once they start but they clock in at 20% of viewership.  I would have thought that more people who were older would watch your vids. Detailed review, play and comments. However as I think about it your videos are a progression up from Marcos.

Marco provides a large number of summary level detail over views of games. Often resulting in a "should I buy this game?" position for the viewer.

Your videos are tuned in some ways to the guy who owns it and wants a leg up on getting started or wants the next level of detail to assess in  for a buy. You are able to synthesize decades of gaming mechanics and play to offer not just discrete opinions on a game but how it compares to similar games or by way of example why something is good or bad in it. 

Interesting to compare data.

Comment by Enrico CS Viglino on February 27, 2012 at 9:13am

Youtube provides the info - it's somewhat sanitized, but in some cases I could tell

particular users affecting results - for example when my (now) wife was in Belgium.

I don't know how it captures anonymous data though - users who don't have a youtube

account or delete cookies on visits. I'd guess there's a bit of extrapolation going


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