Flashpoint:Central Front--Battle for Nurnburg and Munchen Turn Three Complete

OK, so it's been a long, long time for an update. Sorry about that. Believe it our not the game is still up, no attacks by my cat, and solo play continues.

I've got an image file of the battle area. It's a cut and paste from the ADC2 game set, that I've added a front line trace and Army locations for the WP and Division locations for NATO.

Starting in VII (US) Corp area.

The EG 1A has had some good results against the northern portion of the Corps area. Inflicting 3 bn's of losses on 3ID(US) (1inf, 2 arty) plus the DivHQ. 3 bn's are in Broken status and several are out of supply.

The saving grace was NATO rushing 12PzD to cover a good portion of this northern line and also sending the one BCT of 8ID (US) that shows up in this Scenario to this area.

2ACR is in bad shape with almost 2 sqd destroyed. They've done there job but with the hard hit on 3ID(US) they were not able to be pulled from the line on turn 2. The heavily losses were the result of having to keep them on the line.

The Soviet CGSF Army is looking to force a seperation in the NATO line between the remiments of 2ACR\3ID and the estabished lines of 3AD. Two MRD have made good progress here. Turn 4 will be critical.

Czech 1A has not made much headway against 1AD(US). For the most part they gain ground by moving next to a US unit and threaten a large Set Piece battle next turn. The US unit then withdraws (usually with out loss) a couple hexs. It then repeats over the next two turns etc.

Czech 4A has made some head way against the left wing of the 4PzD. That portion of 4PzD has had supply problems because they are out of range of the Div HQ.

5GdTk Army has a nice looking situation just to the southeast of Regensberg. The 4PzD units along the river are all out of supply and it's a thin line.

GCF have had a slow time getting through the rough terrain and into contact with 1GbJgr Div. It'll be another turn or two before they are felt.

Overall turn 4 and 5 should be decisive. Pressure is building on the northern side of VII Corps and the Southeast portion of III Corps (WGz0 where it's a matter of if the enroute reinforcements can arrive before everything gets out of hand...

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