January & February - Red Star Rising: Intereresting and different approach to The Great Patriotic War.

March - Montrose Triumphs (TCS) : Fun little DTP battle game, like 30 Years War Quad, sort of.

March - Holy Roman Empire: Also fun. Struggling with the rules. Want to try this four-player.

March - My annual trip to Cedar Rapids to play a long weekend of games with one of my old gaming buddy. We played Manouver (GMT), C&C Ancients, Twilight Struggle. Luftwaffe 2007, Tide of Iron & Twilight Imperium. Ten games total in 72 hours! Great time, as usual!

April - 4-player Holy Roman Empire. We finished this on May 18. Great unexpected finish with an Ottoman total victory on the last turn!

May - Caesar XL. Fun little campaign for only $20. Great value & I would like to play it again. Drive on Metz - My Americans lost 43-0!

Monstercon - We played Red Star Rising again. Pretty much German victory (again). Also The Campaigns of King David. Also played in the Strike Force One and Showtime Hanoi tournaments. Didn't go anywhere in those.

June - First B-29 Superfortress mission. Will fly some more of these. Then we started SPQR-Barbarian (Cremona).

July - Played my son in The Queen's Gambit, an AH Star Wars game with some simularities to Battle Cry. Lots of cards, plastic droids, gungans, jedi, etc. on three map boards, including a three-floor Naboo palace. Great fun. Hoping to get my son interested in these sort of games, maybe he can get into Battle Cry or C&C Ancients.

July - Finished our epic game of Cremona (SPQR). Went right down to the wire. Both sides reached their withdrawal level, but the Romans were 20+ over compared to the Gauls 10-15+ or so. It looked like the Romans could win right up to the end, but they lost. Great action in this one. We will be setting up Sentium next. Also played the TCS DTP medieval battle game Legnano to try out the system. It's pretty simple, but there's more to it than you think with the "optional" rules.

August - Started Sentinum (SPQR) from the Barbarian module. The barbarians my right have routed most of the Roman velites. My Samnites have not engaged the Romans on the left. More later.

September - Continued our Sentinum GBOH battle. On my right, my Senomes are about 50% to their withdrawal level. Opposite them, the Romans under Publius Decius Mus are about 40 rout points away from breaking. On the left, my Samnites are fighting the first line of Quintus Fabius Rullianus and are taking the wort of this initial clash.
Back to M&P Battle System - Edgehill. Ah. . . .

October - Started Barbarossa 2008 (WaW #1) a couple times, and the Germans failed to get past Turn 4 both times. We'll take it up again next time.

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Comment by Steve K on March 31, 2008 at 3:33pm
We only do this once a year, so it's kind of unusual. I have been playing with my buddy since 1974. We have each moved several times and now live 240 miles apart, but try to get FTF time every spring. I also got to play "Age of Mythology" with my two nephews in Iowa City Thursday afternoon, but forgot to mention in my blog!
Comment by John Kranz on March 31, 2008 at 3:04pm
Steve, thanks for sharing with us what games you've played thus far. And I must say that is quite the weekend of gaming you had -- 10 games in 72 hours. Nice! I don't think I've ever been involved in such an intense (fun) gaming session. Closest was doing all-nighter Flat Top while living in Zuerich...was one of my favorite gaming experiences just for the intensity of it (and the great food served by the host).

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