I was sitting at home yesterday with the plague, thinking about all the games I own that I will most likely will never get to play. Not for lack of desire, butfor lack of opponents. Sad times when you can't slow down long enough to play an amazing wargame!

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Comment by Brian Blad on January 23, 2009 at 11:02am
But Mike, have you ever really enjoyed playing a game solitaire? I find no matter how hard I try, I end up favoring one side or the other and so the game loses the competition and spirit of challenge for me. A live opponent will almost never do what I thnk they should or want them to, and so I have to keep thinking ahead and planning on how to counter what might or might not happen. I just don't get that from solitaire play. Well except in games designed and published as solitaire titles, unfortuantely most of those just become exercises in dice rolling as opposed to their being any real strategy.
Comment by Brian Blad on January 23, 2009 at 10:57am
Impressive list. I have several of the same on mine. Am getting more time in playing ASL as a partner in Bounding Fire Productions, LLC. but while that has increased my ASL time, it has impacted my time to play other games. I'm still working to get my wife more interested. I need some really simple wargames (real ones, not Axis and Allies or Memoir 44 or the like) to get her familiar with the terminology, the way rules flow, and so on. The few wargames we have played together, well she learns quick, she thinks like a master chess player, and throws dice like a millionaire crap shooter. (she kicked my butt most of the time in other words). I keep trying. She loves to read but just can not find it in herself to sit and read a rulebook because we write rulebooks that make lawyers look stupid.
Comment by Eric Walters on December 17, 2008 at 12:06pm
Story of my life. I have two amazing wargame clubs in the Tidewater Virginia area--TAG and TANG--and tons of opponents within ready driving distance, but my life is so hectic (even without children) I rarely get time to play. Doesn't keep me from buying games, however. But I certainly have far more games than I'll ever get to play, let alone master, before I kick the bucket! Here's my short list of games I must play that I haven't before croak:

Strategic: WAR OF THE RESISTANCE (GR/D's monster on the Japanese war in China, 1937-1941)
OVER THERE (GR'D's monster on the latter stages of WW I on the Western Front in Europe)
EPIC OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR (Clash of Arms' monster--and I know it's got flaws, but I still want to play it anyway)

WACHT AM RHEIN II (how can one not given that gorgeous map and those awesome counters?)
All three BARABAROSSA games in the EFS all at the same time
CASE BLUE (OCS latest release)
All the games in Ian Weir's LACE WARS series (Red Sash Games)
GMT's big monster on 1914 on the Eastern Front
HOME BEFORE THE LEAVES FALL (COA's monster on 1914 on the Western Front)

SUMMER STORM (Clash of Arms monster on Gettysburg)
OMAHA BEACH (Old TCS monster put out by The Gamers)
Either GMT's monster or the MMP/Gamers monster on Chickamauga
A lot HASL campaigns I've never had time to play, such as BLOOD REEF: TARAWA, OPERATION WATCHTOWER, etc.

Yeah, they are all monsters, aren't they? Can't help it.
Comment by Brian Blad on December 17, 2008 at 11:13am
It's more of a shame when you know that there is a large group of gamers in your area, but the schedules are so diverse and at times the distances appear so vast, that you can't coordinate even a small group to get together.
Comment by John Bobek on December 17, 2008 at 11:08am
Tell me about it. When I was younger, especially in college, I had plenty of time for gaming and did so each Tuesday night at UIC, and then sometimes on Saturday nights as well. Now, forget it. Everyone's busy.

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