I do not understand Vassal Module Restrictions

Why are SPI modules banned?

Sure, I read why, but it makes little sense, considering this:


CB modules:

Title Contributor Platform
1812 Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
1918 Skip Franklin, Mark Simonitch Cyberboard
Acre 1191 Pablo Martin Cyberboard
After The Holocaust Chris Fawcett, Chris Dodd Cyberboard
Agincourt Hay Quarles Cyberboard
Air War (non-anglosized) Poteto Cyberboard
Albion Stewart Newman Cyberboard
Alma Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
American Civil War Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Armada Stewart Newman Cyberboard
Armada Brad Fallon Cyberboard
Atlantic Wall Jay Fisher Cyberboard
Atlantic Wall Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Atlantic Wall Jay Fisher, Daryl Anderson, Skip Franklin Cyberboard
Austerlitz Pierre Therrien Cyberboard
Bannockburn Paul Jones Cyberboard
BAOR Peter Dietrich Cyberboard
Barbarian Kings Natasha Loakes Cyberboard
Battle Fleet Mars Paul Myers Cyberboard
Battle for Cassino Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Battle for Stalingrad Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Bloody April Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Bloody April Hay Quarles Cyberboard
Blue & Grey Plus Howard Divins Cyberboard
Borodino (SPI) Howard Divins Cyberboard
Breitenfeld Noel Wright Cyberboard
Cassino Martin Beaudry Cyberboard
Cedar Mountain Curt Cilia, Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Cedar Mountain Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Centurion Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Cobra Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Cobra (Extended) Yasuto Sugano, Skip Franklin Cyberboard
Combined Arms Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Conquistador John Staunton Cyberboard
Corinth Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Crete Shin Obara, Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Dark Ages Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Delta Vee Drew Bailey Cyberboard
Descent on Crete Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Desert Fox Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Desert Fox (Extended) Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Dreadnought Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Dreadnought Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Dresden Martin Beaudry Cyberboard
Dresden Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Drive on Washington Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Eben Emael PPSH Cyberboard
Empires of the Middle Ages Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Eylau (SPI) Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Fifth Corps Peter Dietrich Cyberboard
Firefight Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Franco-Prussian War (SPI) Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Frederick the Great (SPI) Brad Fallon Cyberboard
Freedom In The Galaxy Fritz Briggs, Natasha Loakes Cyberboard
Frigate Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Fulda Gap Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Global War Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Grenadier Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Hetzer Sniper! Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Highway To The Reich Howard Divins Cyberboard
Invasion America Chris Fawcett Cyberboard
Jackson at the Crossroads Greg Laubach Cyberboard
John Carter Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Kaiser's Battle Shin Obara Cyberboard
Kampfpanzer Skip Franklin, Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Kharkov Yasuto Sugano, Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Kursk - Eric Goldberg Karoly Szigetvari Cyberboard
La Grande Armée Chris Hansen Cyberboard
La Grande Armée Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Lost Battles Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Lost Battles v2.0 Donald Lazov Cyberboard
Manchu Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Modern Battles Skip Franklin Cyberboard
Modern Battles II Skip Franklin Cyberboard
Monmouth (SPI) Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Napoleon at Waterloo Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Napoleon's Last Battles Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Napoleon's Last Battles (Additional Scenarios 1) Shin Obara Cyberboard
Napoleon's Last Battles (Additional Scenarios 2) Shin Obara Cyberboard
Napoleon's Last Battles (includes M.Stumpner variant) Karoly Szigetvari Cyberboard
Ney v Wellington Stefano Ricatti, Chris Fawcett Cyberboard
Nordlingen Steve Lampon Cyberboard
North Africa Quad Howard Divins Cyberboard
October War Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Oil War Chris Fawcett Cyberboard
Onslaught Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Operation Grenade Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Operation Typhoon Jim Priestaf Cyberboard
Outreach YCC Cyberboard
Panzer Armée Afrika Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Panzer Battles Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Panzergruppe Guderian Mark Beninger Vassal
Panzergruppe Guderian PPSH Cyberboard
Patrol! Fritz Briggs, Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Patton's Third Army Jim Priestaf Cyberboard
Patton's Third Army Mal Atherton Cyberboard
Pea Ridge Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Pea Ridge Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Pea Ridge Hay Quarles Cyberboard
Phalanx Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Pleasant Hill Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Plot to Assassinate Hitler Jim Priestaf Cyberboard
Raid Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Rebel Sabres Michael J. Puccio Cyberboard
Red Devils Shin Obara Cyberboard
Red Star/White Star Skip Franklin, Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Red Sun Rising Mal Atherton, Andy Loakes, Stewart Newman Cyberboard
Rescue from the Hive Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Revolt in the East Chris Fawcett Cyberboard
Road to Richmond Dave Deitch ZunTzu
Road to Richmond Noel Wright Cyberboard
Ruweisat Ridge Lam Leong Yew Cyberboard
Sicily Jim Priestaf Cyberboard
Siege of Constantinople Howard Divins Cyberboard
Sinai Gary Christiansen Cyberboard
Sniper! Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Sniper! Fritz Briggs, Andy Loakes Cyberboard
Soldiers Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Sorcerer YCC Cyberboard
South Africa Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Special Forces (Sniper!) Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Stainless Steel Rat Fritz Briggs, Natasha Loakes Cyberboard
Star Soldier Paul Myers Cyberboard
Starforce Alpha Centauri Joseph Rispoli Cyberboard
Starforce Alpha Centauri Paul Myers Cyberboard
Starforce Alpha Centauri Jeffery Hallet Cyberboard
Starforce Alpha Centauri Jeffery Hallet, Karoly Szigetvari Cyberboard
Stonewall Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Strategy I Gary Christiansen Cyberboard
Swords and Sorcery Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Tank Paul Kantro Cyberboard
Tannenberg Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Task Force Paul Myers Cyberboard
Tchemaya River Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Terrible Swift Sword Bruce Denney Cyberboard
Terrible Swift Sword Curt Cilia Cyberboard
Terrible Swift Sword Greg Laubach Cyberboard
The Battle of Moscow Gregory Niswonger Vassal
The Conquerors Jim Engler, Brad Fallon Cyberboard
The Crusades Rick Grandia Cyberboard
The East is Red J.Shanks Cyberboard
The Marne Andy Loakes Cyberboard
The Next War Richard Lee Vassal
The Next War Randy Stone Cyberboard
The Omega War Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
The Sword and Stars Joel Langenfeld Cyberboard
The Sword and Stars Yasuto Sugano Cyberboard
Thirty Years War Howard Divins Cyberboard
Tito Shin Obara Cyberboard
To The Green Fields Beyond Stewart Newman Cyberboard
USN Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
Vera Cruz Fritz Briggs Cyberboard
War Between the States Michael Dye, Bruce Denney Cyberboard
War in the East: 1st Edition Donald Lazov Cyberboard
War In The Ice Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
War In The Ice Paul Myers Cyberboard
War of the Ring Rob Struble Cyberboard
War of the Ring Rob Struble, Kaufman Cyberboard
Wellington's Victory Bruce Denney, Donald Lazov Cyberboard
Wilson's Creek Greg Laubach Cyberboard
Wilson's Creek Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
Winter War Skip Franklin, Kolenski Cyberboard
World Killer Jeff Fisher Cyberboard
WWI Noel Wright Cyberboard
Yugoslavia (Modern Battles II) Mal Atherton Cyberboard

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Comment by Roger Morley on December 13, 2012 at 8:46am

Hi Bill,

It would be unfortunate, and you are probably right to say that you are not the first to ask this question.

I would imagine their reluctance to allow Vassal mods is to do with the live play aspect, but why they want to hold out using this reason when many many other publishers are allowing it is indeed baffling.

I do look forward to see if Doc Cummins replies to you. Any time I have emailed him, there is not an immediate response, and when there is, it does tend to be rather limited.

Comment by Bill Wood on December 13, 2012 at 8:34am

That would be unfortunate, Roger; that depends on Decision Games.

FWIW, this is what I wrote him; no way on Earth I could be the first one to ask similar questions:


I am sort of at a loss as to why Cybeboard has scores of modules for SPI games but not Vassal.

Is it because of the live play?

Is their any hope DG will allow SPI Vassal Modules?


Bill Wood

Comment by Roger Morley on December 13, 2012 at 3:04am

I hope we do not lose the CB gamesboxes on LYG as a result of Bill's investigation. They have been quite invaluable to me

Comment by Bill Wood on December 12, 2012 at 2:52pm

I sent Doc an email.

Comment by Bill Wood on December 12, 2012 at 2:48pm

Should I post this question on the CSW Decision Games Forums?

Comment by Hernan Ruiz Camauer on December 12, 2012 at 11:05am

So is the ban effectively for ALL virtual tabletop programs that can handle live play, including Zuntzu and BGE?

Comment by Brian Blad on December 12, 2012 at 10:53am

Best person to ask would be Doc at Decision. He can give you the best answer of anyone since he owns the SPI copyrights and publication rights to most of their works.

Comment by Kev on December 4, 2012 at 7:13pm

Hexwar sheesh. Not a good implementation of technology or business models, when you have a free alternative.

Dont most people just email each other the cyberboard file? So whats the point?

If someone had a means of playing online live with SPI titles I'd pay a small fee but not a lot.

Comment by Luke Sineath on December 4, 2012 at 4:29pm

That's hilarious. Maybe it is because Cyberboard doesn't support live play, while VASSAL and HEXWAR do? 

Comment by Roger Morley on December 4, 2012 at 11:46am

I agree Bill, it is silly. I hope LYG have the "okay" from DG to host these files, and if they do, then what is the point of Hexwar?

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