No Peace Without Spain Vassal game ends in 1710

1710 Year finished with this excellent Vassal game against Norman.
Year started with Desertion & Disease event allowing me to reduce 2 enemy Corps in Rugged areas. Then usual reinforcing by both sides prior to campaigning.
Bourbons elected to let Allies go first this year. Spain was a lost cause for Allies and they lost Cadiz by years end giving Bourbons control of Mediterranean (Allies must retain control of Lisbon or Cadiz). Austria fairly stagnant as Eugene fixed in place defending approaches to Vienna with strong French forces around him.
Allies had minor gains in Italy taking Naples for 2VPs (off set by Bourbon gains in Spain). A Savoian force did venture into France taking Lyons but were soon ousted and the city restored to Bourbon control.
In Flanders The Duke again failed to make any impression.
He did lay siege to Bouchain but only because the large French army refused to give battle, as no real need to (this would have been a whopping 15 vs 13 dice encounter) Duke then failed to take the fortress. Galway and minor leaders did fight battle against marginally stronger Bourbon forces but lost every encounter (I think at one point I had 3 demoralised forces on the board at once).
As this was 1710 at years end the French were able to offer concessions (ie VPs) and roll for British Withdrawl and of course the treacherousness curs managed to bribe Perfidious Albion at first attempt. With VPs standing a 8 it was an auto Victory for Bourbons (Allies would have needed 14 VPs to stay in the game)

So very well done to Norman.

I think Allies were up against it when Duke under performed (The Tower for him upon return !!) in early years both by failing to take forts and losing battles, as once the Bourbon reserves come in gains are much harder to achieve here.
Flanders a tough area to campaign in with so many tough fortresses to overcome and yet its where Duke seems best suited and bulk of Allies tend to congregate.
Bourbons have strategically easier task with interior lines and not being forced to fight a battle except on their own terms.
I think they can afford a few more mistakes/set backs than Allies maybe ?
French Generals are pretty good overall in game and have just as much chance of causing 'hits' as their counterparts.
Amazingly we did not lose a single named Leader throughout and yet in my solo games they seemed to drop like flies.

As my first outing with Vassal system I found this a hugely enjoyable experience (against a gentleman of an opponent) with a very good and Vassal friendly game in No Peace Without Spain.
Norman has offered to re-play as Allies and am more than willing to have another go as the system is such that no two games will play exactly the same.
But am also willing to lose to him at another title so watch this space..................................................

Duke amasses huge force at Bouchain but French refused to fight (cowardly curs)

End in Flanders (note VP level)

End in Italy/Austria (Note Savoians chased back home by Elector)

End in Spain with Cadiz back in Bourbon control

Overall End game situation

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