Seventy years on, this still demands to be remembered. But who will? This is one of the better stories from the BBC website, showing how memories of the Battle are fading.

A Fading Finest Hour?

Further, why would the British educational system downgrade coverage of the Battle, and allow this fight for liberty to lose recognition among later generation? My own thought is that the Blitz and the evacuations affected millions of civilians, and that they might be regarded as more accessible and "relevant" to students than the efforts of a few fighter pilots. This is not to denigrate the significance of any of these events, but I would think that the Battle of Britain was triaged down in relation to the events that directly affected the civilian population.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Comment by Roger Morley on August 20, 2010 at 2:12pm
I do think that the British education system should cover some aspects of WW2, especially the Battle of Britain, The Blitz and the civilian evacuation from some of the major German targets.
But, alas, there is a lot of History to Britain and in the rest of the world, and they do try to cover some of the most significant areas of British history and some bits of world history (the russian revolution is one - and a very boring one too!) whilst trying to keep it interesting.
A good example is my daughter, aged 13 and was having to make her subject choices for the following 2 years, and she was really into history, as she had enjoyed learning about the Tudors. However, when she learnt what they will be looking at in the next 2 years, it put her off and she ended up dropping history.
It is a good example of how certain time periods of History can interest kids and others will not, and maybe the education board reckons that the Battle of Britain etc, would not be interesting enough.

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