note:the 1st part i just posted on the AAOCRETE forum.-*loud knock whilst i was in the bathroom-me "just a sec" opens door mailman "here you go" when i finally opened the box i found this 60%punched game in very good condition-the mapboards are sturdy-the what-if "malta" mini game has a fine wood simulation on the back of the mapboard. flicking through the rules it all came back "night" rules,"landing" direction rolls. both are great-the malta gm is a real gem-it has the added virtue of fiting on my nightstand. zuntzu fans with exp/ designing mods do contact me-i will help in any way(do not have a scanner,but can hunt down maps,counters etc. with a little time i'm sure. hope everybody has a great time through the new year!

it suddenly struck me as i flipped through the counters and mapboard(and yes A LOT of it is nostalgia)but the reason these type of games strike such a chord and survive(even prosper based on this site) is very much the same reason one reads or enjoy's listening to a recording of say dylan thomas reading his" child's christmas in wales"-these games with there abstracted colourful units,symbol laden maps etc., let the player(s) "fill" in the gap that say a video game or movie cannot. they give just enough information to render the "feel" of a situation,but leave room for the imagination to roam and "play" . this truly "interactive" nature of these games that engage the mind and imagination excite the mind in a very different manner then other "game" media/medium's-quite remarkable after all these years......

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Comment by brian s. b. on December 23, 2010 at 6:26pm
lol right walk through if your playing Kasparov in chess 1.pray 2. keep praying lol
Comment by Roger Morley on December 23, 2010 at 6:23pm

Another aspect of board wargaming compared to computer games is this:- times when I have got stuck on a level of a computer game, Thief for example, if after many many attempts I have no luck and cannot figure out the solution, the next stage is to google for a walk through- which is the last resort for me.

With board war games there are no walk through to google, all you have is what ability you have to use what has been given to you in the board game, to the best of your tactical and strategic ability. There are always alternatives and options available unlike computer games which, even with the best, will always run a linear or near linear path.


Comment by brian s. b. on December 23, 2010 at 6:07pm
o believe me roger from 1997 til 2006 i played a whole bunch of video games and the "immersion" and graphics are amazing and a lot of fun!  but i was on a board yesterday@ one of the things that is happening with vid games is what happened to movies: the budgets are getting bigger,there's less creativity,"sequelitis" etc. but this thing with board wargames is it's own "thing" so to speak-quite different from the other gaming medium's. its like as big as vid gms are i think kid's will always want to play with physical "toys". there is that "space" that allows the player to fill that i think will always appeal to a certain type of "gamer"...ppl thought computers would "kill" chess-it's done the opposite-i think the same is the case with our hobby here......
Comment by Roger Morley on December 23, 2010 at 5:49pm

the computer games I play tend to be strategy war games (Panzer General, Steel Panthers, Civilisations and just recently trying to get into Hearts of Iron) but I do like action games to, like Tomb Raider, Medal of Honour, and at the moment I have gotten into Farcry.

These actions games are great fun, and sometimes a great 'release' from the more interactive and involved strategy games (board and computer) that I play. the only snag with these action games is that they are very linear, and every level can only be completed in more or less the same way, and the only way to make these cames remotely re-playable is to either change the difficulty settings, which means instead of 4 hits to kill you, it takes 3, OR don't play it for a few years.

Board war games are completely different. Every time you play the same game, even if with the same opponent or by yourself, the game will take on a whole new perspective. Tactics & strategies will be different, this is despite the order of appearance, objectives and the rules being the same. Different dice rolls can completely change the whole angle of a game, with different weather, air units and with combat results being just the tip of a large variable iceberg.

So no one game will ever be exactly the same as the last, where as Tomb Raider will always be the same

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