We pulled in on Saturday afternoon. It was great to see old friends already arriving. I sent all of the young'ins off to game after dinner and shopping, and I sat in the lobby and visited with the grown-ups (mostly CABS folks)--talking games and families and whatever else came to mind.

Today was Through the Ages. I played in both heats. The highlights: I like the latest edition. Well...losing to Joe Yaure and Michael Rogozinski (in the first game) and Tedd Mullaly (in the second game; I also enjoyed gaming with our third player, but I didn't write his name down) was very pleasant, as well. My play: fairly horrific. The first few turns of the first game were a struggle to remember the rules. Darn that Karsten for giving the game to Dave and not replacing it quickly so that I had time to practice ;-) I really have to get down the timing on changing governments when I don't have Robespierre. Michael did a great job of keeping us on the right track and helping us have fun despite his ever-increasing lead.

The second game was a bit better. It looked as though I might be able to make some headway, but a couple of big mistakes (including miscounting my technology so that I had a revolution to Republic instead of peaceful change of government and not picking up an age 3 leader) contributed to my demise. I had trouble with that timing of the government change again. In any case, Tedd is an excellent player. I commend him for being patient with the slow pace.

Afterwards Jason Levine and I taught Tedd the game Roll Through the Ages. It's very light, but enjoyable (especially after about 10 or 11 hours of Through the Ages). Jason crushed us. Tedd and I managed to end with positive scores....that's about all I can say. Then Jason pulled out a German game about pies. (Odd because my German teacher told us that Germans don't bake pies.) The components are fabulous. It was a quick and entertaining diversion before heading up to bed. Lynda Shea and Raphael Lehrer joined us. I somehow pulled out a one point win (34-33-33-23), which was good enough for me to acknowledge I should try to get some sleep tonight :)

Of course, it took me about an hour to get to the room, because I ran into Stuart Tucker (my old teammate here when we were the Beltway Banditos), Bud Sinigaglio (who I got to know in about 1999 playing Circus Maximus) and the Greenville Mafia, who just arrived today.

Life is good!

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