What does board wargaming do a PC wargame cannot?

What does board wargaming do a PC wargame cannot?

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That is a good question. People often ask me why I bother playing these huge board wargames when I can just play almost the same thing with a Matrix Games PC title or a John Tiller game.

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Comment by Christian A. Strasser on January 14, 2015 at 11:24am

My main reason for loving physical games is also the tactile sensation as well as the ability to see a big situation in one sweep.

And while I love computer games, with a PC game, you are locked into the assumptions and model that the developer has made.  While with cardboard, you are free to mash up different games:  A map from one with the counters from another; try a different game's CRT to even things up, etc.

You can add factors to the counters, play with house rules, change up the reinforcement schedule to reflect better / different information, make corrections, etc. 

And, barring a disaster, you are also able to play with the physical game forever.  I have some beloved computer games for which I'm keeping a variety of virtual systems running so that I can fire them up once in a while.  At some point, they're going to disappear.  A disk crash, media failure or inability to maintain them.

Comment by Lance Runolfsson on January 11, 2015 at 3:38am

cardboard has two strong points

1] The Big Picture: You can see everything at a glance. 

2] Rules changes and modifications are easy if you don't have to modify the physical components.

3] Much Greater variety in products

That said I play most of my "Board Games" on Vassal now and most of the games I want to play have small enough maps that I can zoom out enough to see the whole thing. Down side to Vassal is if you can't follow the instructions to make a useable module you are dependent upon the kindness of others. So whether or not there is a VASSAL module or is likely to be one restricts my choice in games. But still way more VASSAL modules than computer games.

Comment by Nate on January 9, 2015 at 6:51pm

If sim cloud cover and false intel could limit info on a map we would better appreciate cardboard.

Comment by John Kranz on January 7, 2015 at 2:17pm

For me it comes down to the tactile feel of having a game in front of me and being able to view the entire expanse. Especially if it's something I find graphically appealing, like a La Bataille type game or anything that fits one's fancy. I guess it's akin to the argument of eBook reader vs. physical book....

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