Whats on your 2011 "TO PLAY" or "TO BUY" list?

This year has seen my wargame collection go from 0 to 37. This was achieved within a limited budget so ebay became my main source for games. Some of the games I bought left a lot to be desired, some were absolute gems, and most were pretty average enjoyable games.

Due to the Austerity plans of the UK government, their plan increase of VAT by 2.5% from Jan 1st 2011 has meant that any further purchases in 2011 will have to be extremely shrewd. Luckily, the company I work for is giving me a 4% pay rise in Jan, which is just as well as this will give me some room for manoeuvre! (This pay rise is because of the extremely busy order books we have, very surprising for a company in the manufacturing industry!)

Out of the games I have bought this year, the following are a list of games which I aim to play next year, preferable sooner rather than later.

Phase Line Smash

Flashpoint: Golan

Nemo's War

Normandy (SPI)

Race for Tunis AND Bloody Kasserine

Victory in the West games


Has anyone got any good suggestions for WW2 or Napoleonic brigade/company level games (new games) which are highly suitable for solitaire play that I can consider for my 2011 purchase list?

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Comment by brian s. b. on December 15, 2010 at 11:13pm

you guy's are way more up on things than "moi" lol couple of GREAT games reprinted coming out!

Comment by Eric Walters on December 15, 2010 at 8:56pm

Games I hope to acquire in 2011:

The new version of LA BATAILLE DE LA MOSKOWA, by Clash of Arms Games

PRAGUE, by Clash of Arms Games

IRON WOLVES by Compass Games






DAI SENSO by Decision Games

HURTGEN: HELL'S FOREST by Decision Games

WACHT AM RHEIN Updated 2d Ed by Decision Games


Games I hope to play, in addition to the above, are:



CASSINO '44 by Avalanche Press

Anything ASL or ASL Starter Kit


Every magazine game I get from S&T, WAW, ATO, BATTLES, and OPERATIONS Special Edition (yeah, right!).


A man can dream, can't he?


Comment by John Madison on December 15, 2010 at 10:09am

GMT: Barbarossa Crimea

GMT: Case Yellow

GMT: Labyrinth

MMP: Guderians Blitzkrieg II (reprint)

MMP: Karelia 44'

HMS: Total War (if it ever comes out & only a maybe)

Comment by brian s. b. on December 15, 2010 at 7:00am

SOME OF MY LIST WAS "INVISIBLE" Battles for the Ardennes,Waterloo 20 roger i finally got a copy of NORMANDY(SPI) after we both solo it we should try a pbem -i challenge you to a duel, sir! i said good day! lol

Comment by brian s. b. on December 15, 2010 at 6:54am

to play-as many games on the zun tzu system-my fav und only pbem system. to buy? age of muskets volume 1:tomb for an empire( or 1 of it's sequels)  -Breakout: Normandy l2 aug 2011 -operation crusader(i know i'm dreaming)- 

Arnhem: The Farthest Bridge -Battles for the Ardennes-Waterloo 20-White Death(may get the new ed.)Seelöwe-Russian Civil War-Battle for Stalingrad-The Mighty Endeavor  a mix of new/newish/old 

Comment by Roger Morley on December 14, 2010 at 6:52pm

Eric, many thanks for your comments, they will be enormously helpful in the coming months when I decide it is time to buy something new. I have decided to avoid buying anything from ebay (unless there is a game on there I really want) and instead, buy a smaller number of the newer current games which are on offer from the various game companies, hence the request for suggestions.

I was hoping you would add a comment as you have a vast amount of experience of the many different games that have appeared over the years, and any review/opinion/suggestion you give is given in a very open, honest and unbiased way, even though i do also acknowledge that the type of game you would like, I may not, but your reviews are quite often a good benchmark to start from.

I do have Napoleons Last Battles in SPI version, and that is reasonable game to play solitaire. As for the others, i will certainly check them out at a later date


Comment by Eric Walters on December 14, 2010 at 6:18pm

Roger, you might find operational-level games with variable unit activation suitable to play solitaire.  Whether through initiative rolls or chit pulls, you never know what the sequence will be for units/formations to move, so playing games solitaire with such systems feel like the game is telling you a slowly unfolding story that you can't predict ahead of time.  One new WW2 game I've been playing with that feature is A VICTORY DENIED, but I also liked Joe Miranda's AFRIKA KORPS: DECISION IN THE DESERT in WORLD AT WAR magazine that came out this year for that reason.  Older games that use such mechanics include GMT's JUNE 6 on the Normandy campaign and GMT's BATTLE FOR NORTH AFRICA--both by Richard Berg (who loves such devices!).  Of the two, the Normandy game is the best but relatively big.  Both have essential errata and the Berg Africa game requires some counter fixes.

For the Napoleonic games, none at that scale are anything special for solitaire as far as I know.  Others might have better suggestions for that period.  I like that period and scale, but the games I play are the standard I-Go/U-Go systems save for MMP's Napoleonic Brigade Series (NBS), but you can't really solitaire that at all since the command orders system requires hiding your intentions from your opponent.  For the standard-type games, I'd go with NAPOLEON'S LAST BATTLES (Decision Games) first, then NAPOLEON AT LEIPZIG (OSG) if you can afford the latter.  I just got the SPI folios MARENGO and LEIPZIG using the new Musket and Saber system--they might work too, but I can't tell you until I play them.  



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