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At 9:04am on June 12, 2015, John Kranz said…

Skip, we are going to miss you, old buddy. Rest in peace.

At 2:48pm on August 8, 2009, Skip Franklin said…
With being down I've started coming over to social site again.
At 8:40pm on September 9, 2008, Smitty said…
I love the dice pics - anybody who can be friends with Jim I wonder about...such as my wife! LOL
At 8:43pm on July 24, 2008, Skip Franklin said…
Super Fantastic Gaming Hour was the voted on name (from a list) that our local Euro-gaming group uses. We meet at various friend's houses on a nearly monthly rate. SFGH has a guild on I'm hoping to get CC:E played at the next gathering.
At 9:12am on July 23, 2008, Kai Jensen said…
Okay, I have to ask... what is the Super Fantastic Gaming Hour? I like the sound of that.
At 9:06pm on May 25, 2008, Alan Krockover said…
Skip, no I don't know Bill. Is he in any type of gaming club down here in Corpus?
At 10:04pm on May 13, 2008, Steve said…
hey i said this was my favorite game, but why else get a new updated version of the game?
At 6:42pm on May 13, 2008, Steve said…
from what i have read about the lastest Cobra version, i will not be getting it, sounds like a complete do over and since its my favorite game already, why do I need a different game, I was jsut looking for a better map and maybe better counters.
At 1:20pm on April 16, 2008, James Pei said…
Hi Skip, I got your email. I have sent you a reply to your gmail address.
At 5:01pm on April 13, 2008, James Pei said…
Skip, I did not receive your email yet.
At 3:15pm on April 13, 2008, Chris Fawcett said…
Yeah, I'm sorry about that, Skip. It turns out that I have a week-long annual meeting for my office and it's in Chicago the week you mentioned. I'll have to be searching for some local gaming action, myself.
At 9:53pm on April 12, 2008, James Pei said…
Hi Skip. I try to send you an email regarding the c3i stuff, but it bounced. So can you send me an email at Thanks.
At 3:38pm on March 24, 2008, Tom Meier said…
Nice set of pics, especially the 'Stripes' era helmet.
At 8:57am on March 23, 2008, Dav Vandenbroucke said…
Actually, Indie wears a fedora. I'm wearing an Australian Akubra.
At 7:52pm on March 22, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
Well Skip,

I owe you a heap of thanks! And I love that beer stein...
At 10:14pm on March 21, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
Uh, we had plenty of stock? At the same time, sheets of counters, maps, etc. just don't take that much space. I think the shipping department was all of 5,000 square feet, lined with steel shelves holding the parts for games. We kept assembled games in the small storeroom upfront. Its nothing compared to the modern inventory for a small manufacturer these days.
At 10:04pm on March 21, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
We didn't need a warehouse, we had a small shipping department, and an even smaller storeroom upfront. We needed good fiscal planning, I'll let you look at Greg Costikyan's pages for more on that. ;)
At 9:20pm on March 21, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
Oh, Dunnigan pretty much "designed" everything. But the amount of design you got as a developer varied on the amount of time he had. In his defense, running that company at that time was a lot of work, and he had a fixed schedule of games to get out. Remember, we were committed to at least one game per month just for the magazine, not to mention any other projects that were underway.
At 9:18pm on March 21, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
Dunnigan's technique was to sketch out the basics, then hand it off to a developer with a deadline. My pal Tony knows all about that, he had several Dunnigan Deadlines to suffer through. Agincourt was the first and the worst, kind of a "proving ground" for Tony.

See, Tony was a vietnam vet, with a lot of knowledge about modern warfare, helicopters, tanks, etc. And *no* concept of 14th Century Warfare. Hence, the classic battle between French and British Knights in the mud...
At 9:05pm on March 21, 2008, Mark Edwards said…
By The Way,

Panzer Gruppe Guderian was a complete surprise for many of us at SPI. The game was sooooo good, and so tight, and so playable, that all of us who were *not* involved in its development were startled when we got it and played it for the first time. There was a period of about a month when we all kept complimenting Rich Berg on that game...

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