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At 11:35pm on September 20, 2010, Andreas Ludwig said…
Thanks John for citing the HFC announcement on the forward observer site.
At 3:49pm on June 18, 2010, Eric Walters said…
BEDA FOMM showed up in the mail today--what a beautifully produced game. I still have my old version in relatively pristine condition (thanks to Jack Radey, who gave it to me a year or so ago). Well done, John--and my thanks too to GMT for handling so much of the nug work! I hope you'll do more revisions of classics like this one!
At 1:48pm on November 21, 2009, Kai Jensen said…
Sadly enough, I was thinking of the work I need to get done on CC:Normandy, FF, Dominant Species and Urban Sprawl while I was at the office all day. I know we have friends over for gaming on Friday nights, but all I was thinking of was the files I want to complete. So... we played Rise of Empires. And I promised Chad we would resume our interrupted game of The Causasus Campaign today. Maybe I'll get to my work files this evening, but somehow I doubt it... (Life is grand, ain't it?)

BTW, how are you doing?
At 1:10pm on October 25, 2009, Kaarin Engelmann said…
Are we really limited to 100 photos? If so, I'd better stop uploading, as I'm at 90.
At 12:38am on July 9, 2009, Peter T Szymonik said…
Welcome back is more like it :-) I like what you've done to the place!

At 9:52am on June 23, 2009, Ted Henkle said…
Hey John: FYI...I received a message that a Janet Herbert left a comment on my page. I found no comment and there's no Janet Herbert listed in our membership. Another spammer?
At 7:50pm on March 29, 2009, Tom Meier said…

I supsect this Chun Clark is some kind of spammer or other you may want to block?
At 8:01am on February 28, 2009, Don Clarke said…
2nd thing John, I have created a Vassal module for Pearl Harbor and put a not on the forum asking for the link to be made sticky at the top of the page 6 months ago, but no reply. Who moderates this page? If it's derelict I'd be very happy to take it on. It's going to be very quiet in there anyway :)
At 7:58am on February 28, 2009, Don Clarke said…
Hi John :) Have acquired a definitive collection of Winter War errata and variants, and am currently in the process of annotating some recent replays. Intending to put out a call for strategy articles soon. Once complete I'd be grateful if you'd review the project material with a view to considering allowing me to post and publicise it as a free pdf under the 'SPI Revival Ezine' umbrella. Seems like a fun idea for the mythical 2nd issue to finally appear out of nowhere :)
At 2:10am on October 30, 2008, Hans Mielants said…
Hi John, no I have not met him, do you have his email ? I could drop him a line. Not too many gamers over here. So you lived in Zurich ? I'm only here since a couple of years. Hans
At 9:33am on September 9, 2008, Smitty said…

Please email me at
At 11:39am on August 16, 2008, Smitty said…

I didn't realize you lived in Plano TX.

At 7:10pm on August 14, 2008, Nate said…
Did you pick my song to be in the #1 position on the main page?
Thanks for posting it there regardless.
At 2:46pm on August 14, 2008, Rich Phares said…
I finished the games list of what I played at WBC, changed what I am currently playing or want to play, and added a real number (sort of) to the how many games do you have field
At 6:29am on July 14, 2008, Don Clarke said…
John, I just realised that I sent this message to "do-not-reply" about a month ago... doh:

"Thanks for taking the time to reply John, much appreciated. (regarding SPI Revival ezine 2)

I'm due to play Winter War with a friend that has read widely about the campaign. If you think it might be worthwhile I'll happily write an extended AAR of our encounter.

Additionally, there's a cool looking unofficial Continuation War variant that I've acquired, amongst some other variants, that could also form part of a (very) belated issue 2?


Don "
At 4:56pm on June 11, 2008, Don Chappell said…
We should get together! One easy way would be for you to just head down to Arlington after work on a Thursday. Then you can meet everyone in the South Arlington Wargamers at the same time.

E-mail me when you get ready to do that and I'll get you directions and confirm that I'll be there. My schedule for the next couple of weeks is kind of cramped.

Will you be able to go to WBC or did you use up all your resources putting on Expo 2008? By all accounts, that came off great!
At 6:29pm on April 23, 2008, Gerry Palmer said…
hehe..thanks. She is really a good sport about it. I'm very lucky. But I never let the truth get in the way of a good sarcastic comment or two.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again this May. Last year was my first Expo and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all your hard work. And Brian and his wife, also.


At 1:37pm on April 23, 2008, Mike Welker said…

I've come back to Ohio... we miss Austria... we miss Rome! Thus my pic for memory-sake.
At 1:48pm on April 21, 2008, Mark Herman said…
Hi John, I went to the new G'burg museum and it is amazing. I will check out the EoTS group which I joined.
At 2:36pm on April 13, 2008, Skip Franklin said…

Messages here on your home page are listed recent to oldest where on groups they are listed oldest to recent. Is this adjustable?

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