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At 7:32pm on April 2, 2008, Bob Hamel said…
Okay, Now even weirder..
One part says this:
My Friends (8)

another part says this:
My Friends Across All Social Networks (9)

AND YOUR picture is just a "grey head" no picture..did we lose you?
At 4:59am on April 2, 2008, Bob Hamel said…
John, I invited a friend the other day and got this message in reply:

1z30me2n5y9sk's Networks on Ning (0)
1z30me2n5y9sk's Networks haven't shown up yet. This takes a little bit!

This is for Anthony Daw - I'm closing in on 10 - got 3 in the last day!
At 7:14pm on March 31, 2008, Gerard Snitselaar said…
Hi John, thanks for the welcome. I would love to make it CSW Expo this year, but have to be out of state for a nephew's graduation. Definitely plan on being there next year.
At 4:37pm on March 28, 2008, Greg Blanchett said…
John, you're invited to our April 5 GameDay. I'm having our LAN Party on the 12th. You're more than welcome to stop by anytime. :-)
At 10:16pm on March 26, 2008, blue said…
As for my old Bulge game, Battles for the Ardennes(SPI,1978) is the oldest. It doesn't have a former game.
At 3:13pm on March 26, 2008, Fernando said…
Thanks John.

I like to play ASL, but I like even more to talk about ASL. I'd like to attract more players to this fantastic wargame. The more players you meet the more fun you get.

See you.
At 10:59pm on March 25, 2008, Keith Schoose said…
And my school year is going great!

How are things in Texas? You do get around!
At 3:15pm on March 24, 2008, Caleb Wynn said…
Hey John!

Thanks for the welcome! I hope to get one of my friends here (my main gaming partner until he moves in a couple months) so we might have another young guy join up sooner or later. It's always nice to feel welcome to a community!

I have already met some new gaming partners through CSW and it's all thanks to you! I really enjoy the site and hope to be able to subscribe soon!
At 2:18pm on March 23, 2008, Ola Palmquist said…
So you were involved in the production of Ring of fire! Great game! I saw you had about 1000 games... And my wife thinks I buy more than I play, which I indeed did earlier before I had got what I wanted and moved back to the town I was raised in and started playing with my father again.
At 11:20am on March 23, 2008, Gregg Gallagher said…
John: other hobby is fine art photography, and whenever there's a cross-over of subject matter here, I'll be sure to post. My other work is at
At 10:10am on March 23, 2008, John Sharp said…

No, I haven't bought that. I play a lot of the old versions of VITP and WaS, and still have good copies. At 57, I don't learn new stuff as quickly as I used to, and I've been trying to better my play in the titles I have and like, before venturing out into new titles.

My weekly gaming buddy pushes me into enough new stuff as it is.

I have followed many of the discussions about the design. Essentially a souped-up, "enhanced" version of WaS, with the old version included.

I liike WaS because it is a game that may be played in a little over an hour (with a quick opponent), and still has some playability depth to it. I'd prefer to spend my time on the strategy and tactics of these games and not get lost in the minutae.

Years ago, I liked that - the depth of detail, the realism. Now, I prefer the play, the interaction with my opponent.

Just me, I guess.

Favorite - VITP.

The-a, the-a, the-a, That's All, Folks!

At 7:00pm on March 22, 2008, Greg Blanchett said…
Just read your profile... wow, I graduated from Yucaipa High and went to Ventura CC for a semester before joining the Navy. Small world... :-)
At 6:56pm on March 22, 2008, Greg Blanchett said…
One of these days, John. ;-)

I wish I could make the Expo this year, but for the dang school year got extended to June. Depending on how well my April 5 meet goes, I may have to host some more later on...
At 11:49pm on March 21, 2008, Jason Matthews said…
Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words, John. This may grow into a very interesting site. Given the depth of the programming, it seems like there should be some utility in marrying the site with on line play, somehow.
At 4:00pm on March 15, 2008, Stephen R. Welch said…
Howdy, John! Yes, GBoH brought me back into wargaming after a hiatus of about 12 years ... been playing by email with ADC and Cyberboard, but have yet to do FtF again. Who knows, maybe I'll make it to one of the next Consimworld Expos.

Thanks, by the way, for all your hard work and dedication in making CSW the fantastic website and resource that it is ...

At 10:50am on March 15, 2008, Alan Poulter said…
Hi John,

Thanks for adding me as a friend. Thanks also for all the work you have put into CSW! One of these years I hope to get to Consimworld Expo....If you ever visit Scotland please get in contact.
At 11:20pm on March 13, 2008, B b said…
Hey John! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I don't know if you ever play any of the OCS titles on VASSAL but I have been meaning to get a game of Tunisia in. If you are ever looking for a late night EST or PBEM opponent for any of your games, let me know.

At 6:12pm on March 13, 2008, Lewis Goldberg said…
The text boxes in this website work funny. The Delete key does nothing - you have to get ahead of the text and backspace. Also, I've tried doing a copy and paste from a text box in another application, and it wouldn't work. I had to "cleanse" the text by pasting it into Notepad, and then into Social. Weird.
At 3:23pm on March 11, 2008, Bill Schmitt said…
Hi John,

I'm sorry I'm so late getting back to replying, I received no notice of your response and havent been to this site lately.

Model railroading is very interesting and one you would enjoy building when your son gets older or even before. This is a hobby that you never finish, you'll find their is always something else to add on, or redo over the years.

It is also can be an expensive hobby I suggest start slow, decide where you want to put your layout, how much room you have and what gauge. I prefer a shelf type along a wall or more. My O gauge is on one side of my basement 8'x14' with a cutout in the center so I can reach where I need. On the other side of the basement my HO is on 3 walls... 8' x 28' by 7' -- 2' wide all around. For HO thats a decent size and one can fit quite a bit onto it. I'm working on the right wall which is 7' long.

Check the internet putting into a search engine HO layouts, HO shelf layouts etc... or whatever gauge you intend to do. Z and N gauges are very small and hard for me on the eye's, and hard to work on because of everything being so small.

I've had several smaller layouts that my son and I built together over the years, he's now 52 and has a layout in N gauge in a small spare bedroom in his own apartment.

I have found HO to be the better of all the scales for my preference. If you decided on that scale I suggest subscribing for the Model Railroader magazine. It can be gotten much cheaper off of this web site - the magazine is very helpful and interesting. Also they have a forum that offers quite a bit of information and help ...

Walthers catalog also offers quite a bit of stuff in all gauges and interesting to just go through ...

Here are some track laying sites, some free, some demos.

Put RTS 7.0 into a Google search it will give you the Freeware downloads.

Also put XTrkCad (3.1.4) into Google and CATrain for other track laying programs.

You can also check out Ebay, you can get some decent stuff and track cheaper, for my HO shelf I have gotten quite a bit of brand new flex track in 3' lengths cheaper than the only train store in my area, and some good used switches. But you have to check carefully what they offer and if they'll take back items with no problem. I only choose to deal with sellers that are 98%-100%.

If you do HO gauge I would suggest right off going with the knuckle type couples like Kadee make (do a search on that to get an idea what they're like) you can automatically uncouple cars by going over a magnet that lays between the tracks or another that oes under them but cutting out the ties, or by using a small pic tool they make to uncouple them by hand. The cheaper cars come with what they call horn hook type, less realistic and harder to uncouple trains, they have to done by hand. I think they still make uncoupling tracks for them, but for the little bit more in money the knuckle type are the best.

I have bought quite a bit of stuff from Standard Hobby Supply, I like them best, their prices are acceptable, they take orders over the internet or by phone and they ship quickly.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
At 5:39am on March 11, 2008, Eric Walters said…
Looks like Sutherland posted that SPI logo in "all things SPI," but not as the "avatar"....he probably didn't know how to edit that.

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