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At 12:31pm on January 18, 2021, Daniel Windham said…


Sorry for my slow reply I was busy working on this video review of ASL Dien Bien Phu



At 10:49am on January 17, 2021, Donald J. HANle said…


Just saw your comment from last July.  Clearly I do not check this page often enough!  Rob Doane now has the Pollilur Map, Rules, Unit Counters and Opportunity Cards and is loading it on Vassal.  Given the complexity, he has warned me it will take a while.  He hasn't said what that means, exactly, but I would be surprised if it was ready in time for Prezcon.  (BTW, we cannot make Prezcon this year.)

As for the strategic game you mentioned, I would love to design such a game.  Would you be interested in helping to make it so? 

Just played four games of Pursuit of Glory with my nephew Caleb.  He visited us for two weeks and returned home last Monday.  He is begging me to do a card-driven game of WWII in the ETO ala Paths of Glory.  He was underwhelmed by Barbarossa to Berlin.  I confess, my mind has been exploring that "little" project since he first mentioned it.  If I do this, it would be in lieu of the WWII strategic bombing campaign I discussed with you while I was still working at NIU.

Cheers, my friend!  

At 12:59pm on January 14, 2021, Kevin Duke said…

I'm with you. We actually hosted the "Team Squad Leader" tournament at Origins the same year GI came out. (210 entries), so you could say we were an enthusiastic and supportive group.

We had a solid 5 playtesters for Cross of Iron and Crescendo, down to 4 for GI, but I was the only one who went into ASL. (I also worked on the first "Deluxe SL" and supplied a group of scenarios that I don't think they used).    I was sad to see it go. It went from "play more than all other games combined" to "don't play at all" in the space of about a year, though things had been slipping. Did we really need reindeer sleighs and ski troops? Prisoners, escaped prisoners, and "escaped prisoners scrounging for weapons"?  Nah, I haven't looked back. Need to find a home for my purple base game box and the 11 lbs of stuff that went with it.

At 10:26pm on January 10, 2021, Shannon said…
Thanks for the welcome, Eric!

I very much hope to grow into the community, once things return to normal!
At 8:47pm on December 31, 2020, monty bradley said…

Eric, I hope you can help me. I downloaded the Hexdraw program after paying through Paypal. I kept getting an Error message, so I deleted the program and reloaded it from a lead on the Consim forum. I thought all was well since I no longer got the error message only to find that after drawing a map and attempting to print it, I got a message saying, "This feature is disabled on the trial version of Hexdraw 1.1"

How can I get the full version I paid for?

Thanks for any help you can offer. MontyBradley

At 4:44pm on December 25, 2020, Daniel Windham said…

Hi Eric,

I actually have Tonkin, Dien Bien Phu, and C'est Algiera by Kim be honest I find those games more difficult to understand then ASL. If only because they are not played as often. 



At 1:06pm on November 28, 2020, Phil Buczkowski said…

Thanks Eric.

At 10:09am on November 12, 2020, William Broadhurst said…

Thanks.  That wiki page was great but Im not seeing anything anymore..... 

At 3:09pm on October 29, 2020, Donald R Garlit said…

Dear Eric,

Thanks for the welcome.  I have played war games for decades.

One observation as you asked about games and history: I have found that sometimes book view of history is that losing generals were bad generals.  Often they have been constrained by forces, geography, civilian leadership, etc. and are not as bad as everyone thinks.  Examples are that Soviet leadership had some effective generals yet many bad decisions were bad by party leadership.  Another example: Not everyone in Italian army in WW2 was a bad soldier.

BGG is a great website.  I use it all the time!




At 7:22am on October 26, 2020, Stephen A Fliss said…

Thanks Eric!

At 9:58am on October 24, 2020, Paul Brown said…

Hi Eric, Thanks for the welcome. I am totally bought into the GDW Ruleset from 1975 for La Bataille games....suits my aging brain against the more complex recent solo replaying the full Moscowa battle just now as it happens but have recently completed Ligny (1st end) with them quite successfully. 

BTW I have been a longtime member of the normal CSW Forum...did I really need a new logon for the Social Forum? or have I just duplicated myself on CSW?

At 5:31pm on October 23, 2020, MONTE GRAY said…

Hi Eric,  I think the last time I played my friend and I used the rule book in Moscova.    I was wondering, did anyone ever publish any scenarios for Gunslinger besides what were published in the General?  A couple of friends and I are playing the role playing game right now and it would be nice to have some more choices for scenarios!  The next time I go to Monster Con I will have to set up a game of Gunslinger and see how many die hards sign up!

At 12:55pm on September 29, 2020, Rob B said…

Thanks for the welcome!

At 5:59pm on September 28, 2020, Will Kohudic said…

Hi Eric, and thank you. I work full time and have a big family, so it would be most accurate to say I only have headspace for one game at a time. Right now, it's TUSCW. I have GMT's AWAW too, but as another gamer said, that's not a game, its a lifestyle. Compass Games' Fatal Alliances and the old classic Air Assault on Crete are both on my short list for "maybe someday soon." The rest of my collection is all in mothballs...

At 6:42am on September 24, 2020, Zachary Miller said…

Thanks for the hearty welcome, Eric. I really like COH 3rd edition. The extra roll really adds that element of unpredictability. As you could see, my gaming lately has focused on solo oriented entries, as face-to-face gaming has been a struggle with the pandemic and living in rural Iowa. Thanks again for the welcome!

At 7:40pm on September 21, 2020, Jerry Drake said…

Thank you for the nice welcome. I used to have time for more than ASL, but now with virtually no face-to-face gaming and time really only for VASSAL a couple of times a week I have to limit myself to series I can pick up and put down quickly. I guess ASL is the best match. And I have virtually no flat space in the house anyway!!

At 7:30pm on September 8, 2020, Michael Forte said…


Thanks you for the nice note.  If you ever want to get a game going on Vassal PBEM send me a note.  I've been thinking of looking for a game of AGC, AGS, BfN lately.

Mike Forte'

At 12:19pm on August 27, 2020, John Barclay said…

Thanks for the welcome.  Don't worry about the old account, it was years ago.  I recommend Imperial Struggle, it's rich and interesting and full of surprises.  Fighting on four fronts in three different modes gives a great sense of the complex interactions of the big empires.

At 9:59pm on August 26, 2020, Jeff Frye said…

"I sold my copy of 'Bloody April' a long time ago, regretted it, but got lucky and found a seller in Canada with a mint copy for a good $."

At 7:28pm on August 22, 2020, Jeff Frye said…

Just saw the former military and GIS reference. Former Army Cav Scout here, like 13 years. Wonder if that's why I like mapping?

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