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At 3:47pm on February 5, 2013, Scott Salsman said…

Hi, Mr. Werbaneth,

I started playing Firepower a few weeks ago, wanted to simulate a battle in Nicaragua, and ended up reading your article in The General (Volume 23, Number 6). I learned so much and have sought out additional information since then. I joined this site today and happened to see your name here. I'd like to thank you for your contributions to that magazine. I look forward to reading your article on El Salvador.

Hope you are doing well.

Scott Salsman

At 12:23am on November 12, 2011, Steve Trauth said…

Hi Jim:

Yes, it is possible to do that (I got the 2d zoom in size done), and will be linking to them on the SDC site (hist-sdc.com), as part of updating some pages I have for the 2 games out in that series.Part of my idea is to use the profile I have here in conjunction with my 2 main web design projects -so I will post an update when I have those completed.


I haven't posted images here yet, but in case you are interested I have larger maps completed for pretty much most of Tiller series' except  for the Napoleonic series, although at the moment the most developed area would be the Squad Battles series.

All of these maps are using the stock graphics, although I plan to also feature some (depending upon when I can get to them) modded map graphics. Anyways that's a ways down the line.

One other thing, I guess I owe your magazine a link on the site, since I noticed you link over to Scenario Design Center ( Rich Hamilton had me take it over 2 years ago).


At 7:46pm on August 22, 2011, ron brooks said…

A year late this is what happens when your PC crashes with all your info on it.

Thank u for the invite


At 8:35am on August 19, 2011, Bob DeSilva said…
Thanks for posting the BOC Jim!
At 9:05am on June 15, 2011, Kai Jensen said…
Happy birthday, Jim! And congrats on finishing your paper, too!
At 4:44pm on June 6, 2011, Dave Starry said…
Hey Jim, I see that Opeth have just announced their new North American tour dates.  Looks like Pittsburgh (Millvale) is on the schedule for Halloween.
At 6:38am on April 10, 2011, Vernon Robinson said…
I don't remember answering your question.  I served eight years on the winston-salem city council/board of aldermen. ran for congress twice.
At 3:33pm on March 12, 2011, Enrico CS Viglino said…
I'm most of the way through the backlog ones.
Been doing this for about a year, since they got some appreciation over at BGG,
but with the focus on wargames, I figured they might be of interest here too.

My youtube has 354 total vids, but not all are wargames (or even games).
At 8:06pm on March 7, 2011, Dave Starry said…
Yes, very much looking forward to the new Amon Amarth too.  Unfortunately they're not playing here in Spokane on their US tour next month.
At 6:12pm on March 7, 2011, Dave Starry said…

Hey Jim, new Jag Panzer album out tomorrow...preview the whole thing here...



At 8:50pm on January 24, 2011, Rick Barber said…
Not looking for Immortality at present, just keeping the catz fed and some of the bills paid while I regroup and rally! Just got some great tutorials from Tony, but can see just how far behind I am at present. One good thing is that I've at least found out how to get my drawing style onto the computer, even if it's just been drawing the art by hand on paper and then sending the scans to Tim Allen and Brandon Pennington to finish up on the computer. Can't wait until I can do all that myself, but I have to learn the basics first!
At 8:37pm on January 24, 2011, Rick Barber said…
Jim - long time! Finally taking the plunge at going digital with my maps. Steep learning curve, but it's that or live in the van!
At 5:56am on October 11, 2010, Brian Lazewski said…
Your Avatar idea was cool, so I stole it. BUT! my fort is better :)
At 10:52pm on August 9, 2010, Wild Bill Wilder said…
Hello, Jim. Good to see a famiar face! How have you been? As you may have seen, I'm doing a lot of variants design based on ASL...Mogadishu, Vietnam, Desert Storm 1&2, Korea (2 variants), Saving Private Ryan and 6 part series on WW1. Working on Grenada, Zululand and some others. Let's stay in touch soon as I figure out how this site works...(G)..Wild Bill
At 11:43am on July 21, 2010, Dave Starry said…
Icarus Witch are great; definitely check them out. They served as Paul Di'Anno's backing band on his recent US tour earlier this year (and did a spot on cover of "The Ides of March"/"Wrathchild" when I saw them Sunday night). Y&T + Icarus Witch at the Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh -- Wednesday August 4.
At 10:55am on July 20, 2010, Dave Smith said…
The miniatures game is DBA, played on a 2x2 board with armies of 12 stands. We like the 1.1 version of the game. More info is available at the DBA Resource Page (Fanaticus).
At 10:33am on July 20, 2010, Dave Starry said…
Jim, have you ever heard a band from Pittsburgh called Icarus Witch? They have a great retro early 80s power metal sound. I saw them a couple of night's ago opening for Y&T and they kicked some serious ass.
At 9:32am on July 20, 2010, Vernon Robinson said…
city council w-s 97-05
At 2:01pm on July 5, 2010, brian s. b. said…
At 5:30pm on May 9, 2010, Chuck McAllister said…
He's better looking than me!!

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